Spot-On Protection

Safe Spot’s Pet Offender Registry is the first and only comprehensive, and continuously updated, database integrating Do Not Adopt Lists of known animal abusers from animal shelters and pet adoption centers across the country.

Accessing Red Flags on prospective pet owners is easy, accurate, affordable - and now - all in one place.

Key Indicators (Red Flags) can include:

  • Surrenders (animals surrendered 3-5 times become unadaptable)
  • Prior Seizures (find out if the Humane Society has taken an animal from this person before)
  • Abuser History (track record of violence or child abuse)

Safe Spot Pricing

The account setup is free. The background search cost can be passed along to the adopter. Download the Safe Spot Pricing Sheet.

  • Participating Members - DNA (Do Not Adopt) List Upload - $4.50/search
  • Non-Participating Members - No Available DNA (Do Not Adopt) List - $9.99/search.

Sign Up Process

  • Click here to signup and create your FREE account
  • Receive a Safe Spot Welcome Packet which includes easy step-by-step instructions on how to get started
  • If you have a DNA List, upload it to Pet Offender Registry in a few simple clicks
  •  Start making background searches

The process is fast and easy - start making the best pet adoption decisions every time.

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